Taking inspiration from the original detroitsoup.com as well as other soups in the UK and around the world, Harlow Soup is a new recurring event to crowd-fund creative community projects.

This grassroots concept allows the community to come together, find out more about local projects, have a say in which project they would like to give a boost with some needed funding and have fun whilst doing so. It is organised by Harlow residents, for Harlow residents, pulling together the resources available for projects in Harlow Town.

Our Harlow Soup vision

Harlow Soup will be an inclusive, welcoming and fun place where people of all ages and backgrounds are invited to come together to share a common interest in improving their local community.

Harlow Soup will bring people together who would like to make a positive difference, encourage others, have fun, be creative and make connections with those around them.

Harlow Soup will support the development of ideas and projects that will help improve the community, whatever stage they are at.

Harlow Soup will be a catalyst for creating closer personal connections across our town.

Our Harlow Soup mission

To connect people, encourage positive community relationships and enable projects that will benefit the community cz-lekarna.com.

– By the community for the community

– To provide a forum for local people to share positive ideas and vision for community improvement.

– To bring people together in a safe and collaborative environment where they can receive valuable feedback directly from local people

– To show that everyone has the ability to generate good ideas

– To generate micro-grants that will give someone the ability to turn their ideas into action

– Based on trust that money will be spent wisely to benefit the community